What the Tuk?

TUK-TUKS are three wheeled motorized vehicles commonly found in southeast Asia. They are a preferred mode of transportation, are super convenient, and so much fun to ride in! Their size and quick bursts of speed make it a perfect vehicle for urban hubs.


100% Electric!


  • Eco-Friendly

    Our tuks are 100% electric! We care about our environment and make sure to be conscious of our impact on the planet! 

  • Quick

    The tuks travel at a speed of 25mph. This ensures that we do not hold up traffic while traveling through the downtown area. Not to mention the amount of fun you'll have zipping around town!

  • Limo-Style Seating

    Our tuks have limo style seating, and can seat up to six people. This ensures that you can have an intimate touring experience with your family and friends. 

  • Weather Protection

    Our tours will be available all year around thanks to a couple of special features. The tuktuks have heated seats and rain covers to keep you warm in colder weather.

  • VIP Brewery and Wine Tours

    Our tour packages include VIP tours of local tap rooms, breweries, and wine rooms! Discovery new beers and explore wines from local wineries! 

  • Exclusive City Tours

    See all the special sites Sacramento has to offer by customizing your own tour. Check out local art from the latest mural festival, discover secret spots for the best views of the city, or find all the spots made famous by Lady Bird! 

  • Sweet Heart Tour

    We offer special tours specifically for date night. Plan a romantic evening with our customizable tour.

  • Holiday Special Fab 40s' Tour

    Our holiday tour includes cozy blankets, hot cocoa, and music to make for a wonderful night of enjoying the Christmas lights of the Fab 40s'. A Sacramento MUST of the season!